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NTV’s Robin Kisti will do anything for a Fridge


The NTV presenter proved she has a lot of talent hidden away but more than anything her willingness to do anything to win the Samsung fridge that was to be won at the coke studio launch at Zone 7 recently

The lavish fridge was to be given to the best dancer in the dance challenge. By the end of the night everyone was out matched by Robin who showcased her pole dancing skills that no one knew she had.  Guests say she rode that pole like an exotic dancer. She later announced that she actually strips for her son. Well that sounds really weird but she won.

She later posted on her facebook ” ” so lastnight at the launch of @cokestudioafrica, I was the best at dancing in the dance challenge and I won myself a brand new Samsung fridge even my back hurts…damn! #queendancer #godownlow #winner #cokestudioafrica

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