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Nutty Neithan In Naughty Dance With Fan Again

All photos By Habre Muriisa
  • Nutty Neithan’s performance excited revellers at the Jinja Club Dome over the weekend
  • He called upon female revellers to join him in the fun who danced to beats of his songs
  • You will not believe what he did to one of the girls live on stage

The Club Dome event Jinja edition that took place on Saturday the 18th of February at Crested Crane Hotel had a lot of interesting things that took centre stage like the music performances, indoor and outdoor games, comedy but one of them worth remembering was Dancehall artiste Nutty Neithan’s performance who toook to the stage at a few minutes after 10 PM.

Nutty and Maro were the main headliners of the event but Nutty’s showcase was not only thrilling but funny as well. Fans had nothing but to ululate when Salvado the host announced he was going to take to the stage next. With all the energy associated with Dancehall music, the artiste kicked off his performance with songs like ‘Follow My Rules’, ‘Bakuwe Kyonywa’, ‘What Did You Do’, ‘Mulimu Ki’, ‘Walk To Work’, ‘Jiggle’ but more excitement grew in the crowd as he performed ‘Footballer’.

He called upon two female revellers who danced to the song’s beats. It later got to a time when he personally danced with them and one of the girls was seen romantically rab-a-dubbing with him. All this was happening as the crowd cheered on. The other thrilling part was when the second girl ran off stage but Nutty followed her, grabbed her hand and brought her back on stage.

He lifted her and then ‘dry-humped’ her in a real Jamaican style several times before moving off stage while carrying her in his arms.

Check out the pictures because we have only the best


Nutty Neithan parades the girls to spot out the best dancer



She tried to run off stage but Nutty did not allow her, he pulled and took her back on stage


Nutty Neithan dry humping one of the girls




Nutty getting a rabadub from a fan


After the dirty dance they had on stage, Nutty Neithan carried the girl off stage

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