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Nutty Neithan Of Bakuwe Kyonywa Fame Talks About His Musical Journey

Nutty Neithan, who is best known for his killer hit ‘Bakuwe kyonywa’ and ‘Follow my rules’ with Mun’G, hasn’t been in the industry for long, but he has 6 popular songs and 4 collaborations not to mention is also one of the most popular artistes among the teenage listeners.

In an exclusive interview with Chano8 the singer explained how he got into the music industry,

Music was a part of my life from an early stage, from as far back as 1998 I guess, but dance was my first love. Music was always in the background. I loved to dance and all through school that was all I did. It was not until later on at university that I decided to try my hand at music and started writing songs.’

‘In 2012 I finally got the courage to go to a studio and record my first song. Mainly I was a dancer before, I can dance B boy, contemporary, Salsa and many others, hopefully in my new video for ‘Body to body ‘ my fans will see my dance skills.’

Nutty Neithan talks about his musical journey.

Nutty Neithan talks about his musical journey.

Nutty Neithan further talked about his body to body song saying,

‘I wrote it, produced it with the help of Boris and Ammon, well its about a guy who is finding ways to be with someone they love. I first made that beat before writing the song. I remember that it was raining when I voiced it, ideas kept coming to me. The audio is already out and on the radio, we are working on the video hopefully will be out next month.’

Read more about his musical journey in the Chano8 July issue here.

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