Nyege Nyege 2019 On This Week, The Key Items You Need To Pack

The 5th edition of the 4-day ‘Nyege Nyege International Music Festival’ is slated to kickoff on Thursday the 5th and end on Sunday the 8th of September at Nile Discovery Beach, Jinja which we are comfortable calling its home for now until the organizers chose to change the venue.

The Nyege Nyege fever and the ‘irresistible urge to dance’, which is the festival’s slogan have already gripped the party animals in plans of going. They have been waiting for a whole year but now have to wait for just hours.

For those who will miss because of some reasons, worry not because Chano8 will bring you all the activities as they unfold on our our social media platforms and for those attending especially the first timers, we realised we should take you through the KEY ITEMS you really need to pack for this 4-day fun filled fest

A tent

This might seem like an obvious item but let us emphasise that the hotel rates you are used to in Jinja town all shoot up like times when Nyege Nyege is around the corner. A room of Ug Shs 80,000 on a standard day will be at about 120,000 with no apology. If you have your own tent, you will only need to pay Ug Shs 30,000 for camping space. But who will sleep with the funs things which go on day and night anyway?

Mosquito repellent

Basing on the fact that you will spend a lot of time outside dancing your heart out in a woodsy environment, you need to have 1 or 2 tubes of mosquito repellent considering that it will get dark and you won’t be able to wear a mosquito net. Don’t let mosquitoes spoil your fun!


This is something we noticed has still given people hard time through the years. Many people end up missing the chance to soak in the afternoon/morning sun while swimming in the great River Nile. There shouldn’t be room for forgetting the swimsuit this time round.

Bathroom necessities

It is going to be four freaking days of nonstop parting and exciting activities so at some point you will get dirty and sweaty, going by the fact that it always rains as a must. Believe us that cleaning up will be a necessity so please carry with you things like sponges, bathroom soap, moisturizers, mouth wash, and deodorants among others. You know the things you shouldn’t forget.

Enough Money

This is tricky because what exactly is enough money for Nyege Nyege? Well, if you are camping then I guess Ug Shs 100,000 for meals for 4 days is ok. For drinks, depending on your mileage, we shall just say that beer is 7000 and Uganda Waragi big bottle of (750 milliliters) is 45,000. You may also need other money for emergency

Sandals And Casual Closed Shoes

We know it seems weird that shoes are on this list but have daytime sandals and closed warm shoes for the night. Trust us you will thank us when you see what happens during the day.

Enough Cloths

No one will want to see you wearing the same cloths they saw you wearing on the opening day of the festival. You do not need to take your whole suitcase though but remember you are spending the entire 4 days there so let each day have its own set of clothes at least.

Power Banks

Believe us, there won’t be sockets where you will charge your phone and even if they are there, they will be for pay and there will be a long line of people in need of charging their phones and any other electronic devices too. For those with fully charged original power banks, you will not suffer this.

Paper Spray

This is for the ladies. Seeing as the venue is quite a distance to the crown centre and the ample supply of security personal ends when you leave the parking space, you will need your on way to defend yourself as you head to your hotel room

Warm Clothing

This shouldn’t be a reminder because we all know that nights during the month of September are too cold. Please carry a warm jacket or jumper to keep you warm in the Nyege Nyege nights. Don’t be forced to miss the night fun because you didn’t carry something to warm your body. Nobody will lend you theirs.

 Bring A Friend Or More
Lastly, don’t be selfish, bring a friend! The more people the merrier. Let your family know where you are at too for safety reasons.

With these, you are ready for NyegeNyege 2019. All that is left is to polish your Swahili, American and British accents to interact with the internationals.

NOTE: The tickets prices have this year slightly increased and we are also afraid to tell you that the early bird tickets are done and if you are planning to party for all the four days, Ug Shs 20,000 is the money to pay or 100,000 for Friday, 150,000 for Saturday and 80,000 for Sunday for East African citizens

For non East African citizens, it is Ug Shs 250,000 (4 days), 120,000 for Friday, 170,000 for Saturday and 100,000 for Sunday.




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