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Nyege Nyege Festival 2020 Now Postponed To December

The much anticipated online version of Nyege Nyege Music and Arts Festival which was scheduled for this month will now not happen as the festival has been pushed to December 2020.

However, the inaugural two-day East African Music Conference will still go ahead online this weekend as planned according to organisers.

The Nyege Nyege Hybrid Festival of The Arts 2020 had been scheduled for this coming weekend as a digital event to be a COVID-19 regulation-compliant physical party. The much anticipated and publicized event will now run from 3rd – 6th December.

“As Covid cases in Uganda continue to grow and global uncertainty is peaking, we urge you to adopt all safety measures required and to remain kind and loving towards one another,” an official statement from organizers reads in part.

“Due to circumstances beyond our control and the desire to land you all safely to this year’s festival, we have opted to move the official dates of this historic event to December 3rd to 6th 2020, in an ultimate attempt to make 2020 great in the end. Our heartfelt apologies for raising the temperature only to announce we’ve not yet reached the boiling point. But we’re getting there.”

Initially, the plan was to hold a hybrid digital festival due to the outbreak of Covid-19 which led to the ban on gatherings to curb its spread. It was supposed to be In collaboration with collectives, crews and cultural pioneers across the Continent presenting “a hybrid format mixing the physical and the digital”.

Nyege Nyege Music Festival fans will have to wait till December to enjoy such performances.

There was also supposed to be a temporary online space created and curated by Jepchumba founder of African Digital Art, hosting 25 collectives presenting live music, DJ sets, secret raves, dance battles and Cyphers, performances, and happenings, talks, rituals, a digital gallery among others.

But now, we have to wait till December to see what will be on the offing this time around.

Meanwhile, the inaugural two-day East African Music Conference, run by Nyege Nyege Festival and the MIDEM music market, will still go ahead online this Thursday 3rd and Friday 4th September with lots of performances.

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