Nyege Nyege International Music Festival Where Nature Meets Music, And The Party Never Ends

Photos by Ruva Roy Collins/Chano8

There is the adage that Ugandans love new things. Of course it is a debatable statement though on several occasions there are indicators that, this holds water or at least in the near future it will be. The most recent of such escapades to prove the statement right, being the Nyege Nyege International Music Festival which happened over the weekend (September 2-4) that took place at Nile Discovery Beach in Jinja and brought in a massive crowd.

IMG_2514 (Large)

DJ Crisio was one of the first on stage to do some crazy mixes

Nyege Nyege just in its second episode, is building a notorious reputation as a fun-filled 3-day picnic-like party right at the source of the river Nile in Jinja, Uganda where nature fuses with music and art. The festival site is surrounded by over four acres of lush green tropical forests and open spaces interlaced with surrealist concrete sculptures, hidden pathways and follies and its own beach on the river where revellers are free to swim (at their own risk of course).

IMG_3099 (Large)

The beach has a beautiful view and scenery in the neighborhood

With over 200 artistes and DJs lined up from all over the world, the event has now turned into a major item and crowd puller for revellers and art enthusiasts all over East Africa and other parts of the world. They come in their droves and set up tents at a comfy camping site just within the lush beach which is also surrounded by a natural forest and beautiful vegetation that is complimented by works of art and other decorations to create a more enchanting atmosphere.

IMG_3264 (Large)

Artistes came from as far as West Africa, Korea and America

Although one can mistake it for a European or western festival because of the composition of the crowd dominated by whites, it is actually a proper international music and arts festival with so many African artistes representing. The party is usually non-stop from DJ Mixes to live band performances and instrumentation.

IMG_3635 (Large)

The revellers had all sorts of dance moves as they enjoyed themselves over the weekend

With a convenient festival site located just five minutes from Jinja city centre and a few minutes off the main highway between Kampala-Jinja –Nairobi, the locals and revellers from Kampala also stormed the festival in big numbers to enjoy the non-stop music(on 3 stages), food and the beautiful views across river Nile where cheap rides are always a call away.

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Revellers flocked the festival from all over the world.

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