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Obsessions Lights Up National Theater With New Drama

The sexy music and dance group that wowed Ugandans with jams like Jangu and Pollination not so long ago, are at it again. This time in a captivating theater play entitled ‘Goddess of the Nile’.

Goddess of the Nile is an African music drama based on a society that is looking for an heir to the throne after the sudden death of the king. The Obsessions yet again dug deep into their bag of “nine lives” and with flair and glamour sent a loud message that they are still alive and relevant in Uganda’s entertainment industry.

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The live production that has been showing at 3PM and 5PM daily since Christmas has an exquisite and colorful displays of African costume design and lighting. The drama is also full of twists and turns that even the seasoned theater goer is kept on the edge of their seat.


This must-watch show will continue live at National Theater until 4th January, 2015. The lively stage play is also flanked by the musical prowess of the sex-oozing Jaki-O and Sharon-O, both members of the original Obsessions group as well as Harry Lwanga, one of Uganda’s hidden, but talented Afrobeat guitarists.

Word on the street has it that Obsessions recently signed with Sound Prints, a record label whose ownership we are yet to establish. If this is anything to go by, then “Lokodo willing,” 2015 might just be the year that Uganda gets back the much needed optical nutrition we used to enjoy from the energetic performances of these divas.

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