Okello Okello Sets Bar High By Holding A Successful Silent Comedy Show

The transformation of comedy has been happening every day. It is just that we have been too busy stuck on music and other things happening in society.

We have seen comedians hosting weekly shows in different places like bars, hotels and theaters while other have proved their muscles through big annual shows like music.

One comedian last week proved that what music can do, comedy can also do. Okello Okello, without announcing, took a risk of holding his ‘Black Friday’ comedy show in a silent mode.

Every reveller was availed with headphones and whatever the comedians on the stage said was in sync with the headphones. Not only that, the comedians also had headphones and could hear themselves making jokes.

This was the first time it was happening in the comedy show and because it worked out, Okello promised that this is going to be the case for this event as people seemed to be having a very good time during the show.

These are the kind of innovations the industry should have instead of the usual.

Okello’s show happened on the same day that other comedians Madrat and Chiko and Senga Justine Nantume held their respective shows as well in different venues on Friday the 2nd of August

Okello Okello performing at the Black Friday comedy show

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