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Old School Nostalgia At Back To School Explosion Tonight

You might have been out of school for quite a while now, and as a matter of fact, you could have out grown the school touch. Well, House of DJs’ event Back To School Explosion is back to pull the little boy out of the businessman, and the shy girl out of the office suit. Tonight, every one has a chance to step out into the night, clad in uniform attire to dance and have fun, while reminiscing memories old school style.

lubirians school

Lubirians reminiscing the good old days

The dress code is much stricter this time, with more emphasis put on school uniform. Those who choose to turn up without uniform will have to part with 20,000/=, which is double that of those who will wear uniform.

james school

James Byaruhanga pulls off the happy student look at the event earlier

There will be a host of entertainers in the house to shake up the crowd, while the House of DJs as their name goes will spin the decks to their best. The party floor will officially become a classroom tonight, and one can step out fully draped in uniform and have no shame, fear or worry of canes.

The event will be hosted at Zone 7 in Mbuya, starting at 7pm and dragging on till later in the night.

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