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Old Skool: What Happened To Qute Kaye

Back in the day, Qute Kaye was once the toast of this town.



With the release of his melodious song Ginkese, and his good looks, he was so the ‘thing’ that he once huffed and puffed that he would buy a plane from his music genius. He was discovered at the 2003 CocaCola popstars.

However, his ensuing songs failed to live up to the high bar that Ginkese had set and he slowly faded off into obscurity. The only time his name pops up is in connection with illness or death rumors which he has tried very hard to counter. He was last seen crooning away at a birthday party for gospel singer Judith Babirye.

Now days, he is barely visible performing with his band, or curtain raising for some musician. Qute Kaye couldn’t have put it any better; “In Uganda, no one likes you, people only like what you do, when you fall, they forget about you,” he once said. He recently said he is working on a few projects with No End Entertainment. To read more, please check out our Magazine issue.

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