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Old Timers: All You Need To Know About Emperor Orlando

His solo career started after the unfortunate death of Menton Summer and since then he struggled to make it big in the music industry.


But that all changed when he released the ‘Nakonkona’ song. The song was so vibrant that when you started playing it you just have to leave it on repeat mode.

Nakonkona is probably one of the most recognized songs of Emperor Orlando. When that monster of a hit came out at the time, it took the radio airwaves by storm as most song requests through from the young or old just begged for the song to be played. If that wasn’t enough, it was a major club hit as several hangouts played the song to entice the party goers.

This song is so legendary as it had several students in high school bumping their heads up and down while others had the courtesy of performing it during the dance classes with everyone showcasing their uncoordinated dance moves. 

Nakonkona which is about a cheating wife was basically a message to the ladies to stay loyal to their husbands no matter the situation they are in, whether broke or not.

Orlando who is a great performer once left Arua Fans ecstatic as many ululated when he stepped on stage. Nakonkona being his major hit, had to be presented more than thrice as fans kept screaming ‘Again.’ To read more please check out our September  issue here. 

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