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Oman Rafiki Denies Replacing Sharon Peyton With Vivian Tendo At His Record Label

After some few months with no manager, budding singer Sharon Peyton finally got signed under Kama Ivien Management owned by former Fik Fameica’s manager Kama Ivan

The announcement of her joining Kama’s camp was made a few weeks ago but according to reliable sources, it it said that from the 18th February when Sharon partied ways with Route Entertainment, a record label which identified and natured her talent, she has been working with Karma underground

However, after leaving over reason well known to the two parties, rumours emerged that she had allegedly left because of the fact that song writer Yese Oman Rafiki the CEO Route Entertainment replaced her with Vivian Tendo of the ‘Hajjat Wa Hajji’ song fame, although Yese refuted the rumours

“There is no replacement at all that is why you see even those who left, were nurtured by us and they are still going on. No artiste comes as a replacement of the other. Everyone comes in their own way.” Yese Oman Rafiki said

According to Sharon Peyton, she thinks that she just fired because she woke up one morning to a post on Route Entertainment’s Facebook Page reading that the record label was no longer going to handle her

Sharon is now getting used in her new camp and so far she has released two songs with videos namely ‘Dingi Dingi Dole’ featuring rapper Fameica and ‘Nkuletera’

Oman Rafiki denied replacing Sharon Peyton with Vivian Tendo at his record label Route Entertainment

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