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Omulangira Suuna Explains Why He Fell Out With Radio And Weasel

A combination of Radio, Weasel and Omulangira Suuna took the industry by storm following their massive track “Nakudaata” which is said to be the breakthrough song of the now dynamic duo Goodlyf.

The track was produced and sung by Suuna together with Radio and Weasel but the former says he was left out on the success of the song.

He says they launched an album with the song as the lead title of the same album without even inviting him.

“They left me out of the show yet the lead song (Nakudatta) is mine, but I believe God created some people in this world to see through others while others are there to see each other through and I’m there to do the last while they are in this world to do the first.” I produced the audio at my own home studio and directed the video but because they have a bigger name now; people think I’m the wrong one.”

Omulangira Suuna explains why he fell out with Radio and Weasel

Omulangira Suuna explains why he fell out with Radio and Weasel

Suuna also says he was so helpful in promoting them musically because he wrote and produced several of their other songs and videos for free. He says he’s behind songs like Ngamba, lwaki onumya, Zuena both audio and video among others, although he holds no grudges against them because it helped sell him as a writer and producer.

“The best thing I have in memory of that song is the PAM Award accolade it won as song of the year in 2008 but still they were fighting for it also until we agreed that they take the 2million shillings that came with it and I in-return kept the award,” he said.

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