Onduparaka FC Give Fans Win Against Police FC.

  • Onduparaka Fc beat Police FC 2-0.
  • The Caterpillars are currently third in the table standings.
  • Will they go ahead to win the Uganda Cup?

After a grueling loss to KCCA FC that saw Onduparaka FC concede 7-0 at the famous Phillip_Omond stadium on Saturday last week, The Caterpillars who are currently third in the table standings had a point to prove yesterday against Police_FC as they beat the experienced side 2-0 at the same stadium. After the referee denied them the opportunity for a penalty, the fans grew wild and it took the players’ effort to calm them down. However, a display of brilliant ball handling skills and grit made the club to come off triumphant.

Onduparaka FC doing the nakapit dance after scoring a goal.

Onduparaka FC have not been having a good run of late  and it was evident when they ended up drawing against URA FC in the dying minutes of extra time in an earlier AUPL fixture. From then on we have seen the team play at a standard which was less than satisfying for the loyal fans. Case in point is their game against KCCA FC where we saw the Coach Livingstone Mbabazi decided to test a new goal keeper during an already tense game that had fans come all the way from Arua to fill up the stadium. He then chose to play a formation the club was not accustomed to 3-5-2 which exposed the weakness in the defense that KCCA took full advantage of to win the game 7-0.

Onduparaka FC who started way back as Senke FC have grown into the most followed team in the league. After Betway Uganda picked interest in the team and offered the Caterpillars a life changing opportunity to be sponsored by a company that sponsors West Ham United FC, the CEO Tony Afeti could not pass up such an opportunity.

Onduparaka FC fans playing dress up

It did not only change the future of the club, but it changed the future of Ugandan football as we know it. Clubs like KCCA have seen improving not just their kit, branding but also the general organization of the club. Onduparaka FC came into the league as the newbie and underdog but they have a strong weapon that the rest of the clubs have not taken advantage of; NUMBERS. Like the Golden StateWarriors in the NBA always say, “Strength in Numbers” Indeed it is this factor that will see this club become the greatest club in Ugandan history.

Gone are the days when the race was between the all time favourites Villa FC and Express FC. This young talented squad has a lot to show the legends and it has only just begun. If all factors remain constant, The Caterpillars will rule the Ugandan football league for years to come.

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