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One-Man Army: Is Bryan White Now Lonely After Firing Celebrities?

Self proclaimed ‘money bags’ Bryan White might not have seen the importance the musicians, comedians and journalists he had hired as staff members in his Bryan White Foundation aka Podium anymore. His abrupt decision to relieve them of their duties was like a surprise blow and as we talk now, it seems they have gone back to push their careers with no hope of ever being hired again.

We surely know that at the back of Bryan White’s mind, he knows that he enjoyed the good and unmatched company from these members if the photos and videos of them we have been seeing in the different places they have been going to is a thing to go by.

Basing on the fact that the members in the foundation were artistes and ones with names at that, this helped Bryan White Foundation become popular as people would come for Bryan White gatherings not only to listen to him but also have a chance to see and rub shoulders with celebrities like Chameleone, Weasel, Pallaso, Big Eye to mention but a few. However, all this is no more.

One thing that has been outstanding about these celebrities was the vibe they would bring in the places the foundation was visiting, but for the few days Bryan has not moved with them, you ought to have noticed that he is not felt like when he was with the celebrities

As some people thought it was a joke that Bryan fired the celebrities, he has of late made public appearances without them in Nateete, Gayaza, Luweero and the day he flagged off UPDF’s kick boxer­­­ Titus Tugume to the USA for the middle weight championship

On the other hand, hanging with these celebrities for some reason had created a bond between them which we are very sure Bryan is missing.

Bryan White Foundation whose mission is ‘enabling the poor, youth and women to create a world without poverty and hunger’ is however here to stay going by what Bryan told his critics who alleged that the pencil sized self proclaimed tycoon had disbanded the foundation forever

Although Chano8’s efforts of trying to ask Bryan White whether he misses working with the celebs were futile, we are sure he does although he claims that the foundation is restructuring.­­­­

Here are some of the celebrities that were formerly in Bryan White Foundation

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