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Ooops!!! Musician Big Eye Thinks Black Panther Is A Song

Photo By Habre Muriisa/Chano8

The movie Black Panther has been over hyped on social media. Which has helped it break all kinds of records in the box office. However, with many Ugandans liking to jump on the bandwagon of everything trending. they couldn’t be left behind perhaps because we have two Ugandans featuring in the movie that is Florence Kasumba and Daniel Kaluuya who both have some Ugandan blood flowing through their vains.

Most cinema’s where the movie has been showing made millions of shillings as they took advantage of the hype while others have been following it on their social media pages.

Among those people who have been caught up in the Black Panther Craze is musician Big Eye. With his status as a musician, he ought to be in the loop of everything but he was caught off-guard this time round as he blundered on Facebook all because of Black Panther.  

During a requet session on NBS TV’s After 5 show , people wrote to requesting for songs and surprisingly, Big Eye, the self proclaimed ‘Star Boss’ also did which would have been okay only that he requested for ‘Black Panther’ thinking it was a song. 

To him, Black Panther is a song and he wanted hosts Douglas Lwanga andMC Kats to play for him the song. It is this that led people to question his knowledge about the movie industry.

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