Opinion: The Essence Of The Nature Of Customer Reward In Brand Campaigns

Customers like a good giveaway or promotion from companies which they receive or consume a product or service. Whereas December is filled with contest campaigns to reward customers, January has back-to-school offers always roaming. While this might seem expected, to companies, this is a valuable marketing technique and a time to emphasize their place in the market. But what is the essence of the customer rewards from the non-business objective? Is it necessary?

The best-known way to express how valuable someone is to you is by gifting them. This is similar to companies and their customers, it is key to establish a rewarding system with prizes that are beneficial for the intended party. Most rewards have been known to come as branded merchandise; like T-shirts, caps and flasks, trips, tickets, cash, and service upgrades amongst others. The question companies ought to ask themselves is whether the gift comes in a timely season and does it really show how valuable the customer is to you?

Why give me a rope when it’s a torch that could help me? Being able to recognize the times and assess the needs of the people during a certain time, can help guide your brainstorming towards what kind of prizes to attach to the customer reward campaign that companies plan throughout the year. Much as they could be monthly specials or short-term giveaways, the thought process put into the execution can make or break the intended purpose of the promotion.

Putting a loyalty-minded strategy at the back of your mind while developing the ideas will help inform the decision on what exactly would be valuable to the customer. The end result is to establish a loyal base that is willing, on their own free will, to try out more products and services that you provide. The one thing that deters participation is the nature of reward attached to the mechanics of the campaigns. Make them simple and easily understood, but not forgetting the main objective as to why it has been put in place.

By: Nellie Mwandha


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