‘Order From Above’ Gets Bobi Wine’s Kigumba Show Cancelled

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Days after Police and government put a ban on all Bobi Wine’s upcoming concerts and shows all because he had used his recent Specioza concert last month as a platform not only to sing but also to express his political views, the Ghetto president filed a complaint against Kampala Metropolitan Police Commander, Frank Mwesigwa and the Attorney General (AG), at the Civil Division of the High Court in Kampala, accusing them of threatening to end his music career.

With the help of his lawyers, Bobi’s fans though that the matter was going to be resolved but it seems that things are really worsening after what we saw yesterday in Kigumba town.

Yesterday, Bobi Wine fans in Kigumba town were left disappointed after police that allegedly following an ‘order from above’ cancelled his show that was slated to take place yesterday the 18th of November at Max Hotel located in Kigumba town.

“The police has cancelled our show mid way in Kigumba even when we had attained all the necessary clearance from the same police. They said it is an ORDER FROM ABOVE. We are now being evicted from our hotel rooms by police and ordered to drive back to Kampala. One can only imagine the kind of impunity that prevails in our Country. Where is the #FreedomDisappointed Bobi Wine shared all his social media platforms after the show’s cancellation

Kigumba town fans swam Bobi Wine’s car on his arrival in the town

We are still unsure of who made an order  from above to cancel Bobi Wine’s show Kigumba show especially basing on the fact that the police officers who cancelled the show plus evicting Bobi and his crew out of their hotel rooms did not disclose who had sent them. Kigumba fans may have to wait longer until Bobi Wine fixes another date for a fresh show.

However, prior to this cancelled show, Bobi Wine had a successful one in Kiyindi zone that went on uninterrupted by the police.

Bobi Wine kept on updating his Kigumba fans en-route there but his hopes of performing at the concert was crushed


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