Pablo Makes ‘Wakanda Laugh’ As He ‘Rewound A Story Of His Life’

All Photos by Habre Muriisa/Chano8

After spending a good time hyping the ‘Rewind A Story Of My Life’ show, D-day which was none other than Thursday the 29th of March finally came and Theatre Labonita was where comedy lovers, invited guests and well wishers found themselves to watch veteran comedian Pablo do it.

Pablo took to the stage at a few minutes past 9 PM, starting off with nothing but jokes which cracked the fair crowd throughout his show time. Dressed like a Munyankore cattle keeper holding his ‘Enkoni’ which is Runyakore for a stick, the show was all about telling a story of his life through jokes and how he after finally graduating with a degree in  Journalism, ended up into comedy.

Themed ‘Wakanda Must Laugh’, Pablo cracked lots of jokes but amongst the funniest ones was how he way back in school, was chosen on the village choir called Bushenyi Botanical which had been selected to entertain present Museveni. They prepared their Runyankore songs but the problem came when they were asked to sing English songs because Museveni was coming to visit with the then Kenyan president HE Arap Moi. They beat about the bush and forged some which they also sang in Runyankore accents and confused guests.

Pablo performing at his Rewind A Story Of My Life show

Pablo shared the after match of his father’s death in 1988 when he was forced to change to a village school which had old boys whom he at times heard discussing things that were beyond him as a young boy for example discussing prices of cement. To make matters worse, when he entered his class room, he mistook it for a staff room because of the old boys who were in the same class with him.

He further cracked a joke on how Banyankore can talk at length at functions especially parties whenever they are called upon to give brief speeches. He said that a Munyankore man will say he is going to speak for a short time but it will be different story minutes later. He will also call his friend who will also talk for a long time and also invite his friend who will also do the same until the MC is forced to stop them.

Pablo showcased in two parts and as his second part drew closer to the end, he concluded with jokes like how he did not know food was for free on his first day on a plane. Flight attendants would ask to him for his order but poor man thought it was for pay until he realised food was free but it was too late because they were set to land. He only survived the hunger because it was a connection flight so he later asked food time to time when they flew again.

He finalised with a funny story of how it wasn’t easy for him starting comedy. Together with 7 of his fellow comedians, they entertained a crowd that was less than their number and they were given a silver platter of rice which was his first payment.

He also shared how he will never forget a day when he cracked jokes and no one was even smiling. He later went for a show in South Sudan and after the show, he was forced to perform all the other jokes they had watched on YouTube which did not perform on stage.



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