What To Pack For Nyege Nyege Festival This Time Round

The Nyege Nyege fever has taken over all around Kampala and due to the success of the previous event, Ugandans can’t wait to go to the festival that was always referred to as a ‘Bazungu’ event.

One of the biggest international music and arts celebration is back, Nyege Nyege festival is always slated for the 1st – 3rd of September, always organised and the hosts offer a variety of activities and there is never a single boring moment.

Last year chano8 was invited by Talent Africa for our first ever Nyege Nyege festival and  we raved about it for 2 weeks, now the event is coming around again and thanks to a reminder from our Kenyan friends. I realise I should talk about the essentials we are packing first in our 3 day luggage, yes it is sometimes like we are packing to shift.

  1. A tent

        This might seem like an obvious item but let me emphasise that the hotel rates you are used to in Jinja all shoot up like times. A room of Ug Shs 80,000 on a standard day that week will be at about 150,000 with no apology. If your ticket comes with a free place to camp, why not save that money? I imagine someone is thinking, who is going to sleep?’

IMG_3553 (Large)

  1. Mosquito repellent

Seeing as you spend a lot of time outside dancing your heart out in a woodsy environment, you need to have 1 or 2 tubes of bug repellent considering it will get dark and you won’t be able to wear a mosquito net(you can try). Don’t let mosquitoes spoil your fun!

  1. Swimsuit

This is something we noticed gave people a hard time last year. Many people ended up missing the chance to soak in the evening/morning sun while swimming in the lake. That was a good plan so this time there is no room for forgetting the swimsuit.


  1. Enema and Bathroom necessities

If your stomach is only used to one type of ‘Rolex’, I suggest stick to the food you know, Jamaican Jerk and coffee snack seemed to be popular so us who loved local boiled food settled for a liquid diet or befriended enema. Pack toilet paper, moisturizers, mouth wash and deodorant, you know the things you should forget.

  1. Just Enough Cash

This is tricky because what exactly is enough money for Nyege Nyege? Well if you are camping then I guess Ug Shs 100K for meals for 3 days is ok. For drinks, depending on your mileage, I will just say beer is 7K and Uganda Waragi 45K 750mls

  1. Sandals and casual closed shoes

I know it seems weird that shoes are on this list but have day time sandals and closed warm shoes for the night. Trust me you will thank me when you see what happens during the day.

  1. Hydration materials & Snacks

Snakes inside are pretty costly and things like water, remember the more you drink alcohol the more you get dehydrated not to mention the vigorous dancing you will need to have a bottle of water with you at all the time without going into your alcohol budget.

  1. Paper spray

This is for the ladies. Seeing as the venue is quite a distance to the crown centre and the ample supply of security personal ends when you leave the parking space, you will need your on way to defend yourself as you head to your hotel

  1. Glue

This is my favourite! You know how you are supposed to wear the wrist band for all the 3 days? Well after 2 baths during day 1 that band is lose and won’t survive the end of the 2nd day. Let no one lie to you, you shall not be allowed in the 2nd day without a tag even though you are sure the guys that let you in remember you.

  1. Bring a friend or more

Lastly, don’t be selfish, bring a friend! The more the merrier. Let you family know where you are at too, for safety reasons.

Now we are ready. All that is left is polish up on my Swahili and British accent!!

Check out the highlights some of Nyege Nyege Festival last year

IMG_3466 (Large)

IMG_3572 (Large)

IMG_3685 (Large)

IMG_3680 (Large) IMG_3665 (Large) IMG_3635 (Large) IMG_3602 (Large)

IMG_2670 (Large) IMG_3545 (Large)  IMG_3390 (Large) IMG_3381 (Large) IMG_3315 (Large) IMG_3283 (Large) IMG_3266 (Large) IMG_3264 (Large) IMG_3224 (Large)

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