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Pallaso And Jose Chameleone Working On A Collabo

A Pallaso and Jose Chameleone collaboration has been a long time coming, so I would imagine the excitement most fans will have as soon as their latest song is released.

The brothers who are still dealing with the loss of AK47, decided to work on a collabo which is titled Remember. According to sources, the song could also be a tribute to their fallen brother who passed about a month ago.

The announcement of the song comes at a time when Pallaso and Weasel are expected to release their ‘Tebakusobola’ song anytime soon. The song is also believed to be a dedication to AK47 whose untimely death run a shock wave through most people and celebrities.

AK47’s passing didn’t only leave a hole in their hearts, but also helped the brothers to grow much closer. Weasel and Pallaso who couldn’t see eye to eye last year made up this year, while Pallaso and Jose Chameleone buried the hatchet in December and were seen hanging out together more often. Their new found mutual respect also helped their children get closer.

Tributes for AK47 have been pouring in ever since the singer was laid to rest with the likes of Denis Bitone, Eddy Kenzo, Khalifa Aganaga working on the All star tribute. While Jose Chameleone released his personal version without featuring anyone.

With that said, one can’t help it, but wait see what the brothers have planned.

Pallaso and Jose Chameleone to release a new song,

Pallaso and Jose Chameleone to release a new song soon

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