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Pallaso Calms The Davido-Diamond Feud

Team No Sleep singer Pallaso has calmed the Davido-Diamond feud by choosing not to add fuel to it but rather commend both stars.

Twatoba video shoot: Pallaso and Davido

Twatoba video shoot: Pallaso and Davido

Pallaso who recently recorded Twatoba with Davido, was called by Tanzania’s Bongo radio and asked to give his views about the Davido-Diamond Platinumz situation. Instead of adding fuel to the fire, he intelligently commended both the stars as he said,

I know Davido like a brother in a much more personal way now & got 100% love for him & I recognize Diamond as another fellow East African artist so I totally have no reason to have any views in this whole situation.’

The good old days: Davido and Diamond

The good old days: Davido and Diamond

If that wasn’t the best reply then I don’t know what is. Pallaso further added saying that,

‘Im just another lucky East African artist that Davido gave an opportunity to do better business & I wish to have no more further involvement in this situation.’

With Nash Wonder working his magic on the Twatoba song, one can’t help but wait.

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