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Pallaso Celebrates 100K Facebook Milestone, Warns Fans Off Fake Accounts

It’s on record that traffic for artistes is mainly pushed or brought by the fans, it’s the fans who build and break an artiste. Facebook is one of the social media platforms where artistes and other celebrities interact and reach out to their fans and friends.

It is considered some kind of big achievement when artistes’ Facebook and social media followers increase for example Pallaso who was so ecstatic about successfully reaching 100,000 likes on his Facebook page. He was however bitter at those enemies who create fake Pallaso Facebook pages saying he only has one named Pallaso and it’s verified.


Pallaso celebrares 100k Facebook mile stone

“Having more than 100,000 Facebook likes feels very good and exciting because i remember the time i had 1,500 likes. It means that the music is truly growing and am growing as a big brand too. Am so so Thankfull to all the media who have been witting about me and tagging me.” An excited Pallaso told Chano8


Pallaso’s official verified Facebook page

“Am not happy at those people who have come out to create fake Pallaso Facebook accounts and pages, they mislead my fans. Instead, if  they want to talk about me, they should come out and write on my own verified Facebook page.”  he added.

Pallaso and the entire Team Good Music are preparing for the Maama Concert which is slated for 20th August at Freedom City. He also recently released his ‘Maama’ video and it’s so far doing well online.

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