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Pallaso Celebrates His Birthday In Style

Pallaso on Monday celebrated his birthday alongside family, friends and fans at the Laftaz bar which is located in Centenary Park. The ‘Mundongo’ singer who received a call from his mother on his special day, was as happy as a clam.


The singer took to Facebook to share his enthusiasm:

“I want to thank my team for piecing up my birthday party for me !!! My mother called me and she seems to be equally as excited as me for the night I can’t wait to see everybody seems like it’s going to be the best birthday I’ve had in a long time !!! See you all at Laftaz”

Pallaso further added:

“A lot has happened & whatever I lost along the way is my past. I’m now looking towards my destiny & on my birthday all i ask for is God, please let all the tears I have cried in my past water the seeds of my future happiness.”

We certainly wish him an amazing year

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