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Pallaso Fires Bullets At Jeff Kiwa In New ‘Diss Song’

Pallaso’s bad blood with Team No Sleep’s Jeff Kiwa is slowly but steadily getting worse. Ever since he left Team No Sleep (TNS) after releasing hit songs like ‘Go Down Low’ with Sheebah and started his own crew called Team Good Music (TGM), his cooperation with that camp has not been good at all. From throwing words of insults to each other on social media, now it has come to diss songs.


Team Good Music’s CEO Pallaso

Talking about that, Pallaso recently released a new song entitled ‘Bagwamu’ literally meaning ‘faded’ and this one shows the other side of Pallaso who is dissing Jeff and the entire Team No Sleep camp artistes that they are no longer doing good songs (hits)

Produced by Wani of Budir Studios, ‘Bagwamu’ is a ‘diss song’ and Pallaso starts it wondering how Team No Sleep camp has faded musically. He adds that, some girls in the camp feel so sweet and shake artificial bums. In the song,he also claims that TNS members are afraid of collapsing which has shocked their manager Jeff Kiwa.


Pallaso fires bullets at Jeff Kiwa and the entire Team No Sleep

In another verse, he is heard singing that, he is tired of Jeff’s bad acts, he alleges that Jeff conned Goodlyfe members and wants to claim their house too. He calls upon the government to help him out and is also heard asking for an answer of what killed his young brother AK 47 (RIP).


Pallaso wants to know what killed AK47

In the last verse, he says that he had kept peace but he has been provoked by TNS in a plan to make him lag behind. He consoles himself saying that it’s them lagging behind while he is on top. He concludes the song with a promise to come back with part two.

Listen to the ‘Bagwamu’ below




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