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Pallaso Gets New Tattoo In Memory Of The Late AK 47

Pallaso real names Mayanja Pius this week got a new tattoo on his skin and this time, The ‘Team Good Music’ boss got the tattoo in memory of his young and deceased brother Emmanuel Mayanja who was also known as AK 47 or Akay. He was a Dance-hall and Ragga artiste who belonged to the ‘Mayanja Family’ that has other talented singers like DR Jose Chameleone, Pallaso and Weasel. ‘The ‘Kidandali’ singer’ AK47 passed on in March this year and his death hurt so many especially fellow artistes and the youth who were fans of the songs he was singing.


Pallaso’s new tattoo

A while ago, Goodlyfe’s Weasel and Pallaso’s elder brother did the same by tattooing himself with a picture of an AK 47 riffle in memory of the late AK47. Pallaso’s new tattoo shows a close up picture of two hands, hand cuffed in broken chains with the deceased’s name Emmanuel and the alias AK 47 written on.

“The arms represent the arms of God, meaning that AK 47 is in the hands of God, the broken chains represent that everything is possible in the hands of God, nothing can hold you back if are in the arms of God, be it jail be it what. AK 47 is embraced in the hands of God and The name Emmanuel was his sir name so that is what the tattoo represents” Pallaso told Chano8 when contacted for more information about the Tattoo.

He also went ahead and called upon the public to join the Mayanja Family at Club Venom as they will be celebrating AK 47’s life and 25th birthday on Thursday the 29th of October going for ten thousand shillings on entry.


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