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Pallaso Hits Back At Critics Claiming He Pulled A Publicity Stunt Following Assault In SA

Right now the singer ‘Pallaso getting assaulted by a group of xenophobic people in South Africa’ on Wednesday evening news is one of the hottest topics of discussion. He narrowly survived death if his narration about way he was tortured is anything to go by.

He broke the news about the hell that happened to him, himself in a live video which he recorded in garage of a nearby school where managed to seek refuge.

As he nurses the wounds on his arms, back and legs according the video shared on his official Facebook page, some Ugandans especially fans and well wishers have taken to social media to show their concern about the singer’s situation but there are some who are still in doubt.

They think this is one of the stunts the singer has pulled to promote his new new song ‘Akomelerwe’, whose video he was shooting before the ordeal happened. There are those spreading allegations that he was allegedly nabbed vybing a girlfriend to one South African national who mobilized people to mug him.

Pallaso who, apart from the video shoot is in South Africa for a gig, was a few hours ago live on Facebook clearing the air about whole situation and telling the worried fans what’s next.

He however was not happy with those who took to social media to say that he is just in drama as well as  Xenophobic South Africans whom he asked to stop killing their fellow black people.

“It’s something very jealous of such people to be understanding things that way. Please stop your jealous, I almost died in few minutes and I am in very deep pain” Pallaso painfully said







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