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Pallaso And Jose Chameleone Start Feud

The Mayanja family feud has been reignited after Chameleone downplayed Pallaso attempt to defend him.

The Team No Sleep singer, Pallaso, cursed at Wizkid for not knowing who Chameleone is, but instead it backfired on him when Chameleone later posted a photo while he was drinking with Wizkid and accompanied with a message:


‘Every one has mistakes but I am sure my talent and Music is where I belong!!!!’

‘That’s the reason why I have managed to live and represent my People to the best: it’s simply talent and creativity. Works NOT words.’

‘NB: I have never uttered any of my competitors- My comrades in this game, with disrespect.So? Please use your space to advertise your self and works Coz I don’t have time for jokers any more. The biggest struggle Now is achieving as good as u deserve. What is mine will always be and so is you.’

The statement left Pallaso shocked and stunted, he responded to the message by saying:

‘I defended you !! You betrayed me then found out you betrayed one of the real people that truthfully with genuine intentions and real love had your back !! You betrayed your self homie !! Now stand in that rain by ya self and tell me how it feel to stand alone when you betray a solider that has always stood by you whether ya was wrong or right !! Im now 100% only standing for me !

Time will only tell if the brothers make up or not.

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