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Pallaso Lashes Out At GOTV

Ugandan artiste Pallaso has shown his frustration towards GOTV after they used their Go Down Low song without consent.

This came after the sides failed to agree on terms of using the song as a marketing strategy to promote GOTV.

The Go Down Low artistes Pallaso and Sheebah

The Go Down Low artistes Pallaso and Sheebah

In a statement released, the singer said ‘So Gotv failed to come to a fair understanding with Pallaso & Sheebah on using go down low as part of their marketing strategies and they decided to go on and use it without consent !! What a shame.’

And if that wasn’t enough, he went to blame it on the greed of the network, ‘Greed is dangerous and even worse when done by such a huge company on artists that struggle on a daily to make ends meet.’

In other news, Pallaso alongside his brother Weasel finally released their Tebakusobola which is believed to have been a dedication to their fallen brother AK47.

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