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Pallaso And Mary Luswata Exchange Flirty Messages!


On yesterday’s show Scoop on Scoop gossip girl Mary Luswata while bashing TNS (Team No Sleep) , let it sleep that she finds one of the team members extremely sexy. She Went on  to describe how sexy Pallaso is and finalized by saying she would eat him up from neck to toe.

Later in the evening a very flattered Pallaso took to his social media page and returned the favor when he said “So Mary Luswata finally reveals why she never gets Pallaso out of her mouth !! On her scoop show she says she finds me to be sexy !!! Kale Mary Luswata singa watukila kunsonga and dont beat around the bush kubanga I think you are sexy too and with the both of us having the same mindset the possibilities are endless !!! BAHAHAHAHA #SanyuLyange”

Well, we don’t think anything is coming out of this flirtation, He is happily married and his wife and daughter  are currently visiting.

later this evening on her 5pm show she changed her mind and went back to dissing him calling him ugly and broke.


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