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Pallaso Premiering His Highly Anticipated Twatoba Video Featuring Davido Today

Pallaso is all set to premiere his Twatoba video featuring Davido today.

With Sasha Vbyz editing the final piece, the video is now ready to be released to the public. Pallaso will show a sneak preview of the video this evening on NTV The Beat and later premiere it at Club Amnesia. The singer also said he will answer questions circulating his rumored departure from Team No Sleep.

Pallaso and Davido on the Twatoba set

Pallaso and Davido on the Twatoba set

‘#‎Twatoba‬ Music Video drops tonight !!!! About the issues of whether I left T.N.S !!! Let’s link up today on NTV Da Beat with Douglas Lwanga and I will answer all questions live on TV And if you feel lucky you might even get to see what Twatoba music video looks like !! Then we go for the official video premiere party at Club Amnesia Tonight!

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