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Pallaso Releases The ‘Am Very Sorry’ Video

Pallaso has finally released the video of his most recent song ‘Am Very Sorry’ which is based on his life story.

The song is basically about his recent physical altercation with someone at the Radio and Weasel’s house which was about a month ago. The video that circulated showed Pallaso beating someone, but it doesn’t show the earlier part where he was also beaten, something he also talks about in the song.

The Ntwala star further apologizes to his fans, friends and family saying he’s very sorry for all he has done and chooses to take a leaf from the moral book and use love to counter hate.

He recently said: ‘Hate has caused alot of problems in the world and still has not solved one and thats why imchoosing love now on.’

Have a look at the video below.

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