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Pallaso Shares His Own Version Of The Fight

Pallaso who was involved in a physical altercation yesterday with someone at Radio and Weasel’s home, has shared his own version of the story.

The Ntwala star shared a picture which shows injuries on his head and accompanied with his version of the story;


Yes i got in a fight today and I am perfectly not denying that .. But that was because I went to jeffs house to prepare for a shoot today and a random guy beat me with a stick that got nails in it multiple times on the head leaving me with multiple cuts and he coulda done worse if if aint rushed him to the ground in defending my self By the time i got him on the ground I was bleeding out of my head and other parts..’

He further added:

‘So how many of you expect me to just smile and walk away or how many of all you pointing fingers would walk away !! I had to make sure I be the last person he ever puts his hands on The guy said Radio & Weasel sent him and Samira weasels pregnant girl friend recorded the whole thing on camera but when it was time to post the video.. They cut out the part where the guy beats me up till my head bleeds with a big stick just coz the whole game plan is to paint the picture to the world of how much of a devil pallaso is but hey where is the whole video this fight didnot start on the ground where the video starts .. It starts with this guy pounding my head with a stick multiple time and Thats the part they dont want you to see !!’

‘Then I dont understand why police would flood my house and traumatize my whole family after i had gone there and reported the whole case and they them selves gave me a reference number and plus recommended I rush to the hospital because i was bleeding and badly injured ,… The answer is simple ..they probably later after i left got kitu kidoogo but who ever coulda done different when attacked the same way when it seems like some one has been sent for ya life can judge me !!! And now since its all not seeming to work as planned they have a new strategy ..oh Pallaao beat up weasel baby mama like homie please !!! I have never and will never put my hands on a woman and would harm any body that does so please stop !!’ 

We shall keep you updated on this pans out.

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