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Pallaso And Sheebah Throw Jibes At Each Other

When Sheebah Karungi released her Wantama video, Pallaso said she had taken a swipe at him and Jeff Kiwa was the master mind. However Sheebah who was recently hosted on NTV’s the beat told the host Douglas Lwanga, that the song wasn’t about Pallaso and that he is only being a boy,

“Pallaso is just a boy. There is no sane gentleman who can pick war with a lady after her success,” she said.

Broken: Pallaso and Sheebah were once close friends

Broken: Pallaso and Sheebah were once close friends

Sheebah further went on to clarify that the song is about a man who fails to commit to a relationship and the need to move on among other things. However, Pallaso is not one to back down, he responded to Sheebah’s jibes indirectly saying,

“You want a man to to treat you like a woman ?? Then act like one … You want a man to treat you like a man ?? Act like one …Don’t be a woman who acts like a man and only pull out the woman card to your advantage.. You always gon get it how you bring it !!”

One wonders whether the former close friends shall mend their relationship or not, but if there is one thing that is certain, time will play a deciding factor.

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