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Pallaso Spills Fresh Secrets On Jeff Kiwa

Team Good Music’s  Pallaso has revealed fresh secrets on the raging battle between him and former crew TNS and its management.  The ‘Bubble’ singer talked more about why he quit the crew and why he has not forgiven his former manager Jeff Kiwanuka aka Jeff Kiwa.

Pallaso said that Jeff used him as a weapon to fight his personal wars that he had created with promoters, DJZ and fellow musicians

“Jeff used me to fight his battles. I will never forget him. He wanted me to split Good Lyfe Entertainment of Radio and Wizo, steal their property, yet I wasn’t with them while they were working for their wealth. This was destroying my name in a society that is full of my fans and those that supported Good Lyfe,” he said.

The good old days: Pallaso performs on stage with Sheebah

Pallaso performs on stage with Sheebah during TNS

Speaking on Bukedde TV on Friday night, Pallaso, formerly Pius Lizard, said Jeff assigned him to perform at several concerts without payment, a situation that forced him to quit TNS and start his own record label.

“He assigned me to go to Dubai and elsewhere for shows where I had not been paid. I suspected that he was cheating me, this happened several times while I was working for him,” he revealed.


Jeff Kiwa

Jeff Kiwa is in Pallaso’s wrong books

He insisted that Jeff is still a prime suspect as far as the death of his late brother AK 47 is concerned.

“When AK died, we suspected that he was behind his murder. He even never showed up at some of the events when AK died. Opening DEJAVU bar two days after AK’s death wasn’t good as the place was still a scene of crime,” he stated.

He said that he is now comfortable working alone and vowed never to join any local singing crew.

“Am happy working alone and I have no problem with Sheeba Karungi, we shall remain friends and only compete musically for the good of our music careers,” he added.

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