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Pallaso To Throw A Free Party For His Fans

Following his successful Twatoba concerts, Pallaso was overwhelmed with joy in that he has decided to throw his fans a free party. A few hours ago the Team good music boss said,

Due to the support you all showed me in the Twatoba concerts, I have decided to throw my fans a free party !! This Saturday come party with me at Club venom and of course I will be singing some of you favorite jams all free of charge.

Pallaso to throw a twatoba afterparty

Pallaso to throw a twatoba afterparty

He further went on to say that he has surprise artistes who will also perform at his party,

‘I also will have some of my artist surprise friends in the building to spice things up.. So please share this and tell a friend to tell a friend about this weekend plot.’

Recently, Pallaso also came out and showed his frustration towards the several questions asked about Jeff Kiwa,

Let Jeff Kiwanuka be Jeff Kiwanuka coz I guess it brings him pleasure doing evil and I never want any questions concerning that man .,,, I refuse to mix good and evil,’ he said.

I hope we all get inspired by the big success of what seemed to be a very highly doubted concert and let’s just keep on talking about that because at the end of the day my target was success and I achieved it.’

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