Pallaso’s Fresh ‘Mama’ Video Builds Hype For His Upcoming Concert

Ugandan artistes have become so creative when it comes to promoting their songs and concerts, although not always with the same targets achieved, Well, Pallaso real names Pius Mayanja will be holding his second concert dubbed ‘Mama’ at Freedom City Mall on Saturday the 20th of August. In preparation, he recently dropped his long awaited video for the ‘Mama’ song.

The concert’s name is derived from the song ‘Mama’ that is full of inspirational messages aimed at thanking his beloved mother for the special kind of care she showed and continues to show him from the time he was a toddler to now a big man. The same track also engages the entire community, showcasing how mothers toil to raise children and families.

The song’s video that was released late last week was one that was truly anticipated especially by the mothers and fans. It’s of no surprise that in a few days it was uploaded on line, views have been increasing every passing hour.


Pallaso dropped his ‘Mama’ video recently in preparation for ‘Mama Concert’ in August

“Am so excited that this video is finally out. I delayed it because you cannot rush perfection and so far very many local and international blogs have shown love and written about it. When I used my beloved mother in the video, I thought my big brother Jose Chameleone was going to react badly but he is one of the people who publicly showed love for the video.”

Excited Pallaso told Chano8 when we contacted him for a comment.


Pallaso’s big brother Dr Jose Chameleone personally endorsed ‘Mama’ video

“In a few days it’s been online; it’s in thousands and thousands of views and its getting viral in Uganda. The other thing, the video links with God in way that I expressed God’s might of how a mother bares kids and takes care of the family. All this shows how we are prepared for Mama Concert and we expect it to sell out.” He added.

His ‘Twatoba’ collabo with Nigeria’s Davido did well last year and he held a successful concert dubbed ‘Twatoba’ out of it at Freedom City where he is slated to hold the Mama concert on August 20th again.


Pallaso performing at his Twatoba concert last year

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