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Pallaso’s Praise For ‘Mama’ In Full Colour

On Saturday the 20th of August, Pallaso will be holding his highly anticipated ‘Mama’ concert. Like any other artiste organising one, preparations are very much a part and parcel as they contribute and play a big part in the concert’s success or failure. As such, the ‘Mundongo’ singer recently released his long awaited ‘Mama’ video.

It is a song in which Pallaso expresses the love and care his beloved mother showed him from the time he was a toddler up to now, when he is a grown up man.

‘Mama’ The Video

The video done by Exchange Media in conjunction with Superstar Filmz, opens up in a village set where a village woman carrying a baby on her back plus some heavy luggage on the head is seen trekking the village road, which depicts the struggle mothers go though while raising their families and never get appreciated for their efforts as seen in the scene where the woman’s husband treats her harshly, instead of being treated as a queen as seen with in the next scene.

Pallaso thrilled as more sponsors jump on board


In the following scene, Pallaso emerges standing next to his biological mother who is seen seated in a chair as a queen while he sings for her. On the other side the village woman is instead mistreated and beaten by her husband after trying to serve him tea despite being exhausted from the day’s hard work.

Nico the director then shifts attention back to the scene where mugged body guards are seen surrounding Pallaso’s mother seated in a chair as she is being offered gifts packed in baskets by children. Another eye catching moment is when Pallaso’s mum stands up and joins him on the dance floor with whom they pull some catchy dance strokes punctuated by wide smiles.

In the next scene, Pallaso introduces his own life’s story where he lived a life of a street criminal but still his mother never gave up on him. she kept him in prayers and dedicated his life to the church for deliverance.

Here Pallaso gets arrested and taken to jail where the mum still cries for him and supports him. He ends this part by apologising to the mother and assuring her that everything is now fine and will always be.


Pallaso excited about the release of his Mama video

He then concludes the video with a happy ending in a scene where he is holding a basket full of fruits dancing alongside his mother and later kneels before her a sign showing respect as he promises to love her forever since he fell in love with her the first time he set her eyes on her and a statement made by the late American Hip Hop star Tupac  ‘Aint a woman alive that can take my mama’s place’ closes the video.

Watch ‘Mama’ video by Pallaso below.



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