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Pallaso’s Relationship With Jeff Hits Low

After the release of ‘Bagwamu’ a song in which Pallaso fired bullets at Team No Sleep’s Jeff Kiwa, Pallaso has not just stopped at that. His cooperation with Jeff has not been a good one. Where ever it’s going to end nobody knows.


Pallaso’s beef with Jeff Kiwa worsening

“I did not do ‪‎Bagwamu just because I love beef songs but because Mr Jeff Kiwa was pulling out the oldest tricks in the book attacking my success silently and I responded to show him I am not as dumb as I look. You played the same tricks on Chameleone and we together as a team played the same tricks on Radio and Weasel and now you try to play me. I show you how to play right!! Well I’m posting this because I want to remind you that even with my misunderstandings with Radio and Weasel was a song that said ‪SORRY but I’m one not to be played with.” Pallaso wrote on his Facebook page.

In ‘Bagwamu’, Pallaso is heard singing lyrics like how Team No Sleep camp has faded musically, a thing that has shocked Jeff their CEO. He also promised to come back with part two of the track if he is provoked once more in any music video from the rival camp

pallaso ear

Pallaso at one of the shows last year

“I propose for peace but if it fails then force will be the option !! I won’t shoot BAGWAMU Video unless any video gets released against me as well!! Mind your business and let me mind mine and we won’t have any more shuffles.‎ Nuff respect to TNS coz it’s a brand we together started but please do not play those games with me again and let’s just all together chase this paper.” Pallaso added.


Team No Sleep’s Jeff Kiwa

The Pallaso-Jeff affair started souring back in 2015 tumulting into the former’s departure from the Jeff-managed TNS. Pallaso has often taken to his Facebook to express his disgruntlement, though Jeff has not yet publicly come out to react to Pallaso’s statements.


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