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Pallaso’s Twatoba Concert A Massive Success

Yesterday was night for Pallaso to shine and boy oh boy, he turned up his twatoba concert to the fullest. He had been preparing for that moment for months it’s wonder he even embarked on country wide tour as a build up to the show.

The self proclaimed king of the east, surely gave his fans a show of their lives, it was too amazing for some that they resorted to carrying their chairs which symbolized cheer. Overwhelmed by the massive turnup that filled Freedom city to the brim, Pallaso was at a loss of words though he managed to say,

‘Oh my God I’m speechless I will talk to you guys when I wake up.’

Pallaso's twatoba concert sold out

Pallaso’s twatoba concert sold out

Pallaso wasn’t the only one who was overwhelmed with joy but his brother and mentor Jose Chameleone was also happy for him, something that led him to saying,

Nothing is impossible if you got Faith,Endurance and Belief in your self. From where I come from,We face the world with expectation of both the Best and Worst. That’s why we celebrate Victory and try again And again when we fail. I congratulate you Everybody for the Massive support to my Comrade and Brother for “TWATOBA CONCERT” live at Freedom City. You have shown endurance and Proved them wrong- we are Music Men. That’s who we are’

Pallaso has indeed come out triumphant and this is only just the beginning of what looks to be an exciting journey ahead.

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