Parliament Finally Fulfills 100 Million Pledge To Ghetto Kids To Clear House

It the last quarter of 2019, it was all over the news how dance group of youngsters ‘Triplets Ghetto Kids’ were on the verge of losing their Makindye located house following the Ug Shs 102 million balance they still owed the landlord.

They kids came out to ask the public to help and contribute some money for them to survive being thrown out the house bag and baggage. Some people like singer Spice Diana came out to help them raise some money but the balance was still big and the landlord wanted his money crook or hook.

The youngsters’ concern reached parliament and while the parliamentarians held the end of year party in December 2019, Right Honourable Rebecca Kadaga, the Speaker of parliament requested Members of Parliament to raise at least Ug Shs 250,000 each to save the children’s house,

The MPs allowed and raised the money and on Tuesday morning, the Ug Shs one hundred and fourteen million two hundred and fifty thousand (114,250,000) that was collected, was handed over to the Ghetto Kids.

The cheque was given to them at press briefing held at Parliament and as we talk now, the house is now officially theirs for good and a special round of applause goes to the Ugandan Mps and other people who got to help the Ghetto Kids before the MPs.

“Shillings 100 million will go towards clearing the landlord while 14 million will cater for the Ghetto Kids’ welfare,” Jane Kibirige the clerk to Parliament said.

Dancer Patricia who is one of the pioneers of the dance group was more than happy to said that now that the problem  is solved, they will continue raising the Ugandan flag higher internationally.

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