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Party People’s Journey Down The Entertainment Road

Party People rank high among the funky dance groups in Uganda today. their limitless success has stretched to many music videos, where they have been credited for pulling off very basic dance moves and making them look enjoyable, as well as their thrilling energetic stage performance. The team, led by DeeJay, OJ, Tim the Ice and Ras Henry narrated the ordeal Party People has gone through, to reach where they proudly stand at now.


The Party People. From L-R, Ras Henry, OJ, DeeJay and Tim the Ice

The group started in 2008, as a collection of partying campus boys. Their iconic name was chosen tactfully, because they knew the time table for all Kampala’s joints, from T1 Monday to Ange Noir Sunday. They chose the twist of dancehall over the prevailing B-Boy and breakdance, and they started doing small gigs in bars and small time events.


The Party People strike a pose for our camera

“A year later, we danced in Ray Signature’s Kasenyanku Video, and then we did Mun*G’s Gira Tugire. From then, we have never looked back” a beaming OJ told Chano8. They have since gone ahead to do more videos like Fille’s Olle and Sheebah’s Tunywe.

Party People refer to themselves as entertainers, not just dancers. However, they have mastered dancing so well that sometimes they don’t even rehearse.

“At some events, we are not even invited. However, if the DJ is our friend, we just raid the stage during his time of play, and we do our thing” DeeJay remarked. That ‘our thing’ never goes wrong, and always wows the crowd.

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Party People crew in action

Eight years down the road, they now have bigger plans for the industry. They want to revamp dancing to the glory Obssession-like days, and are planning a mega Dance fest in the near future.

They operate under a simple slogan, “Easy Dancing”, which means they make simple moves that should make everyone feel like dancing. Listening to their tale tells you one thing; they are an ambitious group, and only the heavens can be the limit, as the sky is seemingly too low for them.

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