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It’s Party Time: Allan Toniks Outs New Mulamwa Video That Sets The Mood Rolling

Yesterday Allan Toniks officially premiered his ‘Mulamwa’ music video at Club venom in Kabalagala. He was showcasing alongside his buddy Micahael Ross who also has a brand new video ‘Ndi Nowange’

Today we take a sneak peek into what he has for us in it. First of all Toniks earlier told us in an exclusive interview that, his music genre is ‘foot music with influences of RnB’. So when he released this song, first thing when i listened to the song was to try and make sense of ‘foot music with RnB influences’.

Yes there is RnB flow in it though I am yet to understand the ‘foot music’ bit of it as he keeps reminding us ‘it’s a dancehall style yee eh ’ in the outro. The concept in the song is inspired by a simple party time mood. It talks about what men feel or do when in party mood. The song is pretty much a feel good song dedicated to girls who would wish to listen to the ‘sweet nothings’ whispered by a man while having a good time.


Toniks with a vixen in the Music video

“I wrote the song mulamwa myself. The song was inspired by experiences from the Ugandan party scene; both my own and those of other individuals”. Toniks told Chano8

“Pretty much picking a guy’s mind on a typical night out in UG, obviously the song is from a guy’s perspective”. He added

In the music video, he tries as much as possible to create the ‘feel good’ atmosphere too but probably due to limited resources the scenes are shot in only about two spots in the same venue. By the roadside as opposed to the ‘night out’ scene we expect.

The song produced David King will surely be embraced by many when the video plays on local TV. We like some angles and color in some scenes while other angles still seem to like something. You can watch it here and give us your view on our facebook page.






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