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A Pass Denies Being In Love With Flavia And Fabiola

Dancehall artist A pass has finally gone tired of the nagging questions about Flavia and Fabiola, the Nva Kampala singer came out and said,

I am not in love with Flavia or Fabiola so please stop asking me how they are doing and how they slept because I honestly have no idea…. You all know by now that I have no class but I have a woman and non of the above ladies is her.

He further went to commend the ladies saying the ladies are beautiful before going on to say that he has a special lady in his life already,

The ladies above are beautiful and lovable but I have a woman that I love so much..
Whenever I come on Tv The ladies above are mixed in my interviews.

A pass isn't torn between Flavia or Fabiola, he's just not in love with them

A pass isn’t torn between Flavia or Fabiola, he’s just not in love with them

What started out as a joke for A Pass, people went on to take it seriously and he was forced to address the issue a few months ago.

When I said I love ‪#‎Flavia‬ the whole of Uganda and neighboring countries felt it spiritually but did not understand it which is sad, some understood it but refused to acknowledge that they did which is not my problem,’ A Pass added, ‘I said I loved her as an example and I later, on asked a question in the same post, This question was the real deal but it was omitted in the minds of Many because of the first Love statement I made which was the juice bit to many. Some people came up with statements that i was wrong to say I loved her but if you come to think about it I was right to say I love her!!!’

The wuuyo artist further went on to say that the whole situation was a puzzle,

The whole thing was a puzzle that many of you failed to figure out, but that’s not my problem. if I had posted any other person that you didn’t know maybe you would have answered my question. Why i apologized is something i will explain after 5 years.

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