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A Pass Releases His Amazing Mariana Video

Dancehall artist A Pass has finally released his highly anticipated Mariana video. The singer who has been promoting it for quite some time with targeted messaging from not seeing to competition in the Ugandan music industry to the ‘best video in the land.’ A Pass has real proven that, he  can market his video and truth be told the video is definitely one that will touch hearts of many.

‘Mariana is a song about a lady who is HIV Positive and she is doing lots of stuff like drinking and smoking due to the depression that comes with the virus and also because she thinks this will help her ease the pain. We are trying to show people the other side of life and let them know that this never solves anything but only makes things worse. The song also bridges the gap between the old and the young with the old school Kadongo kamu taste to it which fits the old people. On the other hand, the dancehall vibe in the verses makes the connection between the two worlds,’ A Pass says.

A Pass features Ouma and in latest video

A Pass features Ouma and Joseph Sax in his latest video

The video which was shot by Badi world and Alex Ireeta also features musical powerhouses like Micheal Ouma and Joseph sax who both play the guitar and saxophone respectively.

In an exclusive interview with Chano8 the singer also said, In my experience of doing music, Mariana is one of the songs I personally respect because I put in a lot of art in this one piece. The credit is not fully mine as God has blessed me with the talent to create music that makes sense. Music that not only leaves someone singing along but sparks nostalgia in the old, relates to the young and appeals to a large audience and that is my goal. That’s exactly what am picturing to give to people in this and many more of my musical projects and that is my vision of Mariana.’

Have a look at the video below.

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