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A Pass Releases His Highly Rated Nva Kampala Album

A Pass has finally released his long awaited Nva Kampala album. The singer released it yesterday across several online platforms like Amazon, Itunes, google play music, shazam, spotify, tidal and his personal website iampass.com.

While announcing the release of the album, the young artiste said that he personally believes that the album is best ever in Uganda,

I personally believe this is the best album ever done in Uganda since I was born, “They will call it bragging but it’s not bragging if A PASS can back it up.” ‪#‎22Songs‬,‘ he said.

Earlier in the year, A Pass said that if the Nva Kampala album wasn’t the best album he would quit music,

‘If this is not the best Ugandan Album I will quit music with immediate effect.

A Pass confident about his Nva Kampala album

A Pass confident about his Nva Kampala album

According to the singer, the Nva Kampala album is going to be one of the most exciting music albums ever done in Uganda. It will also be a variety of different styles like Reggae, DanceHall, Zouk, Afro-Pop, Afro-DanceHall, Ragga, Rnb and Pop

Some of the songs on the album include am loving, wuuyo, KLA, follow me, mariana, Bakyimanyi, me and you, bwakedde mpulira and bwakagala olina among others. All songs were written by A Pass and produced by his close friend Nessim which is only a statement of their talent.

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