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A Pass Sings Love In ‘Daddy’

Dancehall and Reggae artiste A Pass real names Alexander Bagonza is one artiste on a mission. He recently promised to release a new song daily and one of them he released yesterday is dubbed ‘Daddy’, a Dancehall love song in which the ‘Wuuyo’ singer sings about a girl who likes his ways and is forced to leave her boring boyfriend in a need to make up with A Pass

Produced by Beatz Dakay, ‘Daddy’ was sang in two languages namely Luganda and Jamaican Patois (Patwa). A Pass starts the song introducing Kampala City where he comes from.


A Pass releases a new song ‘Daddy’

He then begins the first verse singing on the eye catching way the girl whines at a pool party who later asks for a private party with him but later A Pass leaves mysteriously, forcing her to call him. Instead of calling him A Pass, she calls him ‘Daddy’ because of the crush she gets on him

In the second verse, the two get in touch and A Pass is heard singing how the girl tells him how he has a good voice like Drake’s, how her so called boyfriend is way too fake but unfortunately, she seems to want things in a rush and asks A Pass for complicated deeds which him as Rasta man can’t afford doing with her.


Have you listened to ‘Daddy’ by A Pass?

Her love for A Pass gets wild and in the 3rd and final verse, he sings how the girl looks for him everywhere he goes and how she needs to be with only him and do any crazy things with him too. She finally confesses her too much love for A Pass plus requesting him to touch her body someday which he cannot deny because he seems to love what the girl is doing for him too.

Listen to Daddy By A Pass below

Daddy by A Pass


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