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A Pass Speaks Out On Alleged Beef With Bebe Cool

For some one who might not be familiar with Dancehall artiste A Pass and follows him on his different social media platforms, he or she might think he is either an attention seeker or is always under the influence of alcohol or may be drugs but all in all, he told critics of how he does not smoke nor drink alcohol but it’s simply his character (to speak his mind).

With a claim that he is many times misunderstood, A Pass cleared the air on his recent controversial social media posts with the biggest talk being the comment he posted on Big Size Bebe Cool’s recent reaction that was attacking Ugandan journalists following a newspaper article that reported that, he is just stranded in USA where he went to work on some projects.

“ It’s so painful to see that journalism in my country Uganda is based on lack of knowledge, facts, personal issues, bribery, attention seeking, and a desire to destroy those that work hard. My name has been tarnished by some media houses and individual journalists who I can promise have no single idea about me and my goals and lack the confidence to call me, ask for interviews, and express their desire to understand.” Read part of Bebe Cool’s very long post that sparked off the spate.

Just after posting, A Pass replied and said, “Is the respect not earned yet? #ItsAshamethus intriguing Bebe to reply back and say “Depends on the size of your brain as A Pass. Don’t forget seeking for too much attention might expose your weaknesses. Learn from the best and pray to be better.”

Check A Pass’ comment on Bebe Cool’s post

That has been the talk since then with a section of the social media users bashing A Pass and blaming him for being an attention seeker who is beefing with Bebe Cool but A Pass rubbished all this while while speaking on NTV The Beat TV show.

“I don’t want attention because I already have it. You will forgive me if in case my comment to Bebe Cool’s post seemed like beef but there is no beef. I have to say this straight because I respect Bebe Cool as a brother, as a father, as a human being and as an artiste. Some things may come as jokes or mistakes but it does not mean that there is any friction or we are going to fight. Bebe Cool is a strong man and he has helped this industry stabilize and I learnt from the best and that is Bebe Cool and that is why I always be the best”

Whatever that is going on between the two, only seems to be best known to them for we have seen these exchanges before.

A Pass in NTV The Beat studios

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