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A Pass Warns People Who Add Him To Whatsapp Groups

Dancehall artist has dished out a warning to people who always trying to add him to WhatsApp groups. In a snap chat video, the singer hilariously said, ‘A Pass join the group, we need to get to know you. Go and get to know yourself. But guys be serious. You have put me in a group and there is Kato Lubwama, what would I want with that group.’

A pass recently proved to be a force to reckon with, not only is he developing his brand but he is also getting the appreciation for his hard work. With the queen of Katwe movie receiving amazing reviews the singer couldn’t be a happier soul since four of his songs (Bakwagala Olina, Wuuyo, Tulikubigere and Kyempulila) featured in the movie.

A Pass is tired of being added to Whatsapp groups

A Pass is tired of being added to Whatsapp groups

‘Looking at myself now makes me humble, proud and grateful at the same time,’ he said before going on to share his journey, ‘when I remember the days I used to be hungry because I was saving the little money I had to record a song at the studio to making music and it features in a #Disneymovie, I can never be ungrateful.’

Everybody has a story but how you choose to develop yourself as an individual often sets the pace of your life. When dancehall artist A Pass was just a kid, he didn’t care about knowing music but all that mattered to him was doing it and that was his defining moment in life.

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