Pastor Bujingo Finally Accepts His Mistake, Apologizes To All Women

A few days ago, last Wednesday to be exact, controversial Pastor Aloysius Bugingo came out and disclosed information about the haemorrhage disease his wife and mother of his children Teddy Bujingo was suffering from a couple of years back.

The statements angered so many women  in that they called different bodies including the Parliament, UCC and the police to come out and act accordingly.

However,on Saturday, the Salt Media proprietor  and CEO come out and apologized over his statements, saying that he was misquoted. He however revealed that his apology came from his willing heart not public pressure though.

“There is something I’ve been praying about since last night. Last Wednesday, I spoke without intending to hurt or annoy any person especially a woman. I didn’t intend to hurt the mother of my children, my wife, I didn’t intend to hurt any woman. Not at all,” he said while addressing his congregation.

Bugingo further added that in so many testimonies he has been sharing, beating and insulting a woman is one of the worst things a man can ever do.

“I have always  preached that a man with a lazy mind will always fight with a woman and a woman should not be beaten because if you beat a woman it means that you have beaten your mother.”

He also explained that in his line of work, there are mothers, wives and girls so he can never wish to offend a woman but what he said about his wife Teddy was in reference to what she personally said  in her testimony

Watch Bugingo apologizing below


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